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My young adult novels are dark, edgy, and realistic. Although I love paranormal and fantasy books, I prefer to create stories that could really happen (and in many cases, really are happening). For me, the echo of a story set firmly in the real world always haunts me long after I've read the final word. If you like Ellen Hopkins, Jay Asher, and Neal Shusterman, you might like my books, too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lovin' Lady Gaga

Have you ever heard that "popular" girl complaining that everyone "stole" her genius fashion idea and that it's so annoying?  Well, first of all, she's not as annoyed as she lets on.  Second, trends only happen if a bunch of people copy the idea.

Don't be a follower.

Trendsetters are always, ALWAYS, people who came up with a completely (or mostly) original idea and others loved it.  Not long after, the idea catches on and becomes popular.  Like, sweepy bangs, or skinny jeans, or those hot new stilettos you saw at the mall.  All of those things became popular because one girl loved it, then a whole herd of girls copied it.  My challenge to you?  Be your own person--don't follow the crowd. 

So, I absolutely have to give a shout out to Lady Gaga.

Look, say what you want about her music (which I actually really like, even being an old lady), but you can't argue, the girl has style.  You may not like her style, but she's got it.  Everything she wears is completely and totally original.  Imagine if a girl from your school showed up Monday morning looking like this:

You'd probably fall down laughing--or at least stare for an inordinately long time--but you couldn't deny, everyone would notice.  In fact, Gaga is so unique, no one can really copy any of her looks, because by the time you'd managed to find some gold-thingy-skirt like that, she's already wearing a blue wig and gigantic red sunglasses.

Wherever the crowd is going, walk in the opposite direction.  Sure, it might be more difficult--you'll have to dodge a million other people trying to follow that snotty popular girl and her new handbag--but believe me, people will notice.

Look, we're not all destined to be homecoming queens or SGA Class Presidents or Valedictorians or whatever else the masses aspire to be.  Just be you, because you're wonderful.  And, hey, you never know...being you just might land you somewhere fantastic.