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My young adult novels are dark, edgy, and realistic. Although I love paranormal and fantasy books, I prefer to create stories that could really happen (and in many cases, really are happening). For me, the echo of a story set firmly in the real world always haunts me long after I've read the final word. If you like Ellen Hopkins, Jay Asher, and Neal Shusterman, you might like my books, too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Novel

Now that I've finished all my edits for GIRL IN THE MIRROR, I'm busy brainstorming for my next novel.  I'm soooo excited about this new project!  It will be another dark/edgy YA story and I'm thinkin' it's pretty darn unique.  No spoliers yet, but I promise to update you ASAP.

What else am I up to?

Reading.  I must catch up on reading.  My poor bookshelf is bowing beneath the weight of unread books and I'm feeling seriously guilty about that.  I still have to finish Tricks and Beautiful Creatures and I finally broke down and bought the full Harry Potter series (I know, I know...) not to mention dozens (literally, dozens) of other books awaiting my attention.

I can't wait to read for enjoyment again.  Beta reading is awesome, but it really made me overly critical of books I probably would have loved at any other time in my life.

So, here's to reading for fun again!

While I wait to hear back from agents!


  1. You have the most organized bookshelf I've ever seen! :) Can't wait to hear about GITM and your next story. And, oh yeah, get all your feedback on my WIP when it's ready.

    :), Marie at the Cheetah

  2. Marie - It's a curse. I have to keep my books in alpha order by author. My dream is to one day have an entire room dedicated to books :o)

    Eliza - When am I getting your WIP? Excited for it!!!


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