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My young adult novels are dark, edgy, and realistic. Although I love paranormal and fantasy books, I prefer to create stories that could really happen (and in many cases, really are happening). For me, the echo of a story set firmly in the real world always haunts me long after I've read the final word. If you like Ellen Hopkins, Jay Asher, and Neal Shusterman, you might like my books, too.

Monday, January 30, 2012


When something really awesome happens to somebody else, you can do this:

Or this:

Or maybe even this:


I personally prefer this:

I can't tell you why.
I can't tell you who.
I can't even tell you what.

But, what I can tell you, is that amazing things happen to amazing people.  So go be amazing.


  1. Whatever the news is--yay. :-) I personally love the guy in the white pants. Too funny.

  2. LOL. I know! He cracked me up, too. Thanks, hoping my friend can announce her news soon so I can give her a blog shout out!!! :o)

  3. I love the pics! I didn't even know you wrote this post but just said the exact same thing today. You are so right! YAY!

  4. #3 is too funny. Serious dance moves.


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